Care for New Kittens

Kittens are the most frisky, naughty and loving creatures I have come across. Here are a few tips on kitten care and ways to look after a new born kitten.

Finding orphaned kittens at my doorstep or near the bins has not been an uncommon sight for me. At first, I was disgusted with this act carried out by most ‘humans’ as they dumped these helpless souls at the nearest rubbish bins. As time passed, I realized all I could do was talk and try to change the minds of the people in order to put a stop to such practices or simply get the orphaned kittens a home!

Care for New Kittens
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Well, it goes without saying that my home soon became a home for such new born kittens and sometimes puppies as well! I am unable to explain the joy of having these cuddly creatures that are also loyal and equally loving contrary to what most people may think. I always look forward going home in the evenings, as these lovely creatures love to jump into my lap and curl up for a quick catnap.

Taking care of a kitten can also be a full time job. There are loads of things you may need to consider for kitten care. Your new born kitten needs all the love and care you can offer. Here are a few tips on kitten care, which I would like to share with you.

Tips for Kitten Care:

  • New born kitten care first needs you to know about the ways you need to feed these tiny creatures. Orphan kittens need to be fed with a bottle every 2 – 3 hours day and night. Check out your local pet store for a milk replacer (without lactose), which comes in the form of a powder that can be mixed with water. New born kittens should not be fed with cow milk as it may not suit them. Once their eyes open, you can even offer it canned kitten food with the milk substitute although they may not go in for the food immediately. Kittens tend to play around with their food as well, so let it get accustomed to the smells till it figures out this food is meant to be eaten. Most kittens tend to stumble or fall into the saucers and lick the milk off them. This would also help it know this milk is meant to be consumed. As the kittens grow up, try to make them more independent and ensure it learns to eat the different kinds of canned food and fresh meat as well.
  • Orphan kitten care also needs you to maintain a favorable environmental condition, which is very necessary for their survival. Sometimes, you may require an incubator for the new borns. The bedding should not include strings or threads. Instead it should be warm, soft and absorbent for the tiny kitten. You can opt for old towels and papers to make the base. Kittens love to curl up in a corner so you can have a small cardboard box to keep them in a warm area and also provide it space to move around. Use hot bottles or rice bags for the kittens to curl next to. Ensure you wrap the objects with towels so that the intensity of the heat does not harm the kittens. New born kitten care would include providing loads of warmth to them as these often keep searching for the warmth of their mother; which is their natural behavior. Although, you would love to share your bed with such cute and innocent kittens, please do note that as they grow older, they are bound to wake you up in the wee hours for a friendly game!
  • Ensure you keep the kittens clean and dry. To do this, you can use a damp washcloth to keep the kittens clean. Orphan kittens usually get very messy. This happens when they learn to eat on their own. If needed, you can go in for a mild soap and use a blow dryer so that they become completely dry.
  • Get a specific litter box to train your kitten every time you see him scratching into the ground. Use the paws and scratch this in the litter box. New born kittens will require you to rub damp cotton balls on their bottoms. You can even do this over a litter box so that it learns to use it on its own, as it grows up.
  • Kittens love to play and love to use their teeth and claws. This is their natural habit and you could gift it a scratching post so that it can sharpen it claws on this rather than your precious household items and furniture.
  • Always ensure you vaccinate your kitten so that it is does not contract infectious diseases. Consult your local vet for this.
  • Give ample time to your kitten. Kitten care would require you to groom the kitten as well. Play with the kittens and spend time with it so that you can form a better bond. These make very loyal and loving companions. Here’s hoping you have a perfect and affectionate relationship for years to come!

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