Since the spring, Cat has been bringing flowers from her garden to her neighbors on a regular basis

Willow, a loving cat, astonished her neighbors by carrying a lovely pink flower and offering it as a present during one of her regular visits.

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Willow, who is from the United Kingdom, has been visiting her new neighbors virtually every day since they moved in.

Rosie told : “We reside on a terraced street that runs parallel to another terraced neighborhood, providing a garden corridor between them.”

“Willow oversees around six of the gardens, and I’m sure she’s fed by everyone since she’s impossible to refuse.”

Rosie was astonished to find a kitten napping in the hallway like she owned the property soon after she moved there. Willow would meow nonstop until her neighbors opened the glass doors to let her in for a required cat sleep.

Some renters maintain cardboard boxes and cat food/treats specifically for Willow throughout the property.

The outgoing feline enjoys playing and seeks affection from all of her neighbors.

Rosie has been observing pink blooms in the garden since early Spring.

She thought it was just the breeze at first, until one of her housemates informed her that she had seen Willow with a flower in her mouth.

“I’d never seen her with them before, but there’s been a new small bloom on the deck every couple of days for the past few weeks,” Rosie told.

The number of blossoms grew as the days passed. They were strewn about the deck, creating a beautiful scene.

“Until yesterday when I was cooking and witnessed her jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth” Rosie told.

“Because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat bring back anything other than dead animals before, I decided to tape it.” She clearly enjoys our company, as evidenced by the fact that she steals flowers from (her owners) and places them on our balcony. It took at least ten flowers for us to recognize who it was.”

Since she moved here, Willow has paid Rosie almost daily visits.

The cat enters with aplomb, as if she owns the space.

She makes sure her neighbors get their kitten fix every day.

Willow is adored by her neighbors and her human companions.

They preserve cardboard boxes just for Willow and keep cat food and treats on hand for their furry visitor.

Willow climbs onto her next-door neighbor’s couch and claims it as her own, along with the blanket.

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