Dog shedding

Dog shedding is one of dog’s major issues: how many times have you sat in a chair with a pair of blue trousers, getting up to discover that they had become white, brown or black? When referring to dogs, many people affectionately call them my hairy friend or similar names and it is no coincidence. The dog’s hair is a distinct tenderness trademark and it has been scientifically proven that stroking a fur coat, has a calming and antidepressant effect. On the other hand, hair becomes a great problem during shedding season and the fur begins to spread all over the house, sofas, chairs, floors and clothes.

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What is dog shedding?

Dog shedding in some breeds is a big issue regardless of your where you decide to let your dog stay. Either inside the house with you, or in the garden, your friend will inevitably need some specific care that will help it live more comfortably and that will create fewer problems for you. Dogs shed twice per year, in summer and autumn and it is a fundamental and inevitable process essential to keep the dog’s coat in good health.
What you first must understand about dog shedding is that there are differences between how various species of dogs shed and that dog shedding is closely related to the dog’s lifestyle. For example, dogs that live in the garden shed more regularly and in a more natural way compared to dogs that spend most of their time indoors. Dogs who live outdoors are directly exposed to sun rays that cause hair fall, while those who live inside are more accustomed to the artificial lights that alters the normal shedding cycle.
The basic difference between dogs living outdoors versus those living indoors is that the former will shed twice a year while the latter may extend the shedding period for most part of the year, or worse still, for the entire year. Whatever your case is, it is always advisable to follow some basic precautions that are valid for dogs living indoor as well as dogs living outdoors and for both long-haired or short-haired dog breeds. The short-haired dogs could be considered more “independent ” compared to those with long hair. In fact long-haired breeds, as well as losing very long hair long, suffer greatly during the heat waves. It must also be said that short-haired dogs have no protection against excessive heat and should therefore be kept in cool places when the temperatures are high.

How to help your dog shedding correctly

As dogs are shedding hair loss might create some annoying fur balls which apart from creating an anti-aesthetic coat can also cause pain each time your dog scratches itself. What you can do to effectively prevent this from happening is brushing your dog on a daily basis facilitating the shedding and preventing your dog’s hair being distributed all over the house. The benefits of a constant brushing and grooming are more evident in dogs with long hair. Brushing your dog on a daily basis helps clean up his coat from dust, dirt, dead hair and any parasites. While brushing your dog, you massage its skin which improves circulation and oxygenation of the skin surface cells. All dogs need to be brushed regardless of the length of their hair. A brushed coat helps dead hair to fall and prevents the formation of very annoying to untangle knots, which might be painful for your dog. Brushing frequency depends on your specific dog’s coat: if your dog’s hair is short a weekly brush might be sufficient but long-haired or curly breeds require more attention because their hair tends to tangle and create knots leaving no other solution than cutting the knots. While brushing your dog’s coat you can inspect the general health condition of your dog’s skin, checking it for parasites, inflammation or small wounds that can be identified with ease. You should also bath your dog regularly using appropriate shampoos; important tip: brush your dog before the bath as this will help remove the excess hair before wetting it which will avoid knots being formed. In some specific breeds, such as Yorkshires for example, you might want to consider trimming your dog’s hair during summer helping it suffer less during the hot season.

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