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A great debate about the health risks of cat breeders and studies that confirm that pet breeders and cats in particular are in good health, especially for mental health, and information about communicable infections of cats to humans,

including bacterial diseases.
Having a cat at home can reduce stress and anxiety, pet owners make fewer annual visits to the doctor than others

What are the diseases transmitted between cats and humans?

Catching Ringworm From Cats : Ringworm is one of the most common fungal diseases caused by cats in humans and is transmitted very quickly by touching the cat’s hair and scalp.

Helicobacter pylori bacteria infection : This spiral germ is very harmful to humans and is transmitted from cats to it by contaminating food with litter. If a person is infected with Helicobacter pylori, a severe stomach ulcer occurs.

Conjunctivitis : is one of the most common diseases transmitted from cats to humans. This disease affects many cats and is transmitted to humans. Some symptoms appear on the human, including redness and inflammation of the eye with some secretions that come down from the eye in the form of tears.

Some tips to avoid transmitting diseases of your cat:

Avoid cleaning litter without wearing protective gloves.

After handling, cleaning, or playing your cat, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to remove bacteria.

Do not let your cat drink or eat your food if you notice any symptoms.

Do not let your sick cat get close to your sleeping areas as much as possible.

See your doctor immediately if you experience any symptoms during your cat’s illness.

To keep your family and your cat healthy, wash your hands before eating, especially when playing with cats, remove fleas and ticks daily, remove cat feces by wearing gloves and cats must feed cooked or examined foods.

What diseases are transmitted between cats ?

Most diseases transmitted from cats to humans are the cause of diseases transmitted between cats
We must be careful not to mix our cats with unvaccinated street cats to avoid infection

Rabies of cats :

Among the most common diseases in unprotected cats, it is because of the biting of the dogs of the street, or the battles between cats .

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