I love my Kittens

Cats are social beings who like to discover things, they like to play and entertain, which makes us forget the worries of the day and the tired work when we go home and share a few minutes with them.

Cats have the hearts of their owners with their beautiful and innocent traits, she loves hugs and frictions, which gives people very positive feelings and makes them happy, to establish good relationships with your cat it takes time and take care of it.

Cats share with us the same emotions and sensations and are intelligent enough to recognize a range of things, the ability to distinguish their names and read expressions from our faces.

The signs of love in cats vary from physical contact to various movements and gestures. Cat breeders always wonder how I know my cat loves me, because any cat breeder always likes to see these beautiful animals in the best conditions and gives them all the care and attention they need, but as they are creatures who do not speak, we always wonder how to know the signs of love Cats show that our cats shared our love and attention. Therefore, we offer you the most important signs of love in cats, which indicate for you the love of the cat.

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The cat is sitting on your feet or somewhere in front of you

Cats like to feel comfortable during periods of relaxation and signs of love when they are considered comfortable places to sit and sleep. How many times did you wake up and find your sleeping cat next to you or lying on your chest? This is one of the great signs of love. Cats also watch your loved ones for long periods and watch them silently so you can find them very focused in all your movements.

Visual cats continue to watch is the greatest sign of love

Have you noticed that your cat stares at you for long periods of time, then close your eyes slowly and gently and open it while looking at you. Closing your eyes in cats who look at you means that they make you kisses indicating their love! So when you see your cat, close your eyes and open it by looking at yourself, he sends you a kiss and expresses his love and adoration.

Our relationship with cats

Cats are the animals most attached to a human heart. The relationship between humans and cats is very old for centuries and centuries and most cat breeders consider it a part of their life where they spend a lot of time looking after food or cleaning.

Cats are considered the most incoming pets at home. Active animals attracts the attention of children’s who love to play with and caress despite painful scratches. Although the love of cats is not unique for little ones as big, most cat breeders love them as sons and not as pets.

Through these beautiful eyes symbolize beauty and innocence and a supple body that helps them run and play and jump at high altitude without hurting themselves, even if the cats are cute, they always keep the hunting instinct like these families (tigers, lions …) all insects and small animals are victims of this wild monster in his eyes the cute in us eyes

The cat has long mustaches on both sides of the mouth to help him feel in the dark, as well as air movements and temperature changes a tool to develop a hunter

Cats live between the ages of 16 and 30 years, but there are exceptions that live more

Cat statistics in the world:

Japan (7.25 million inhabitants) Population 126.8 million people, the cat is a symbol of luck

Ukraine (7.5 million) Population 44.83 million,  Levkoy is a cat breed popular in Ukraine

Germany (7.75 million) Population 82.79 million, 100,000 cats are in need of adoption every year in Germany.

United Kingdom (7.75 million) Population 66.04 million, British Longhair and  British Shorthair too must populer breeds in the United Kingdom

Italy (9.5 million) Population 60.59 million, Italians name their cats with pizza names, right?

France (12 million) Population 66.77 million inhabitants, the country also applies strict rules for the protection of animals

Brazil (12.5 million inhabitants) Population 209.3 million people in Brazil participate in Rio’s national carnival festival and also support football teams: D

Russia (12.75 million inhabitants) 144.5 million inhabitants The Russian winter can be icy for cats, but it is rare to find an abandoned cat

China (53 million) 1.3 billion people, a nightmare 4 million cats are still consumed each year in China

United States (76.5 million) 2.2 animals on average per home

All peoples love animals in general but especially cats and every people has this way of expressing.

Ancient civilizations, like the ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, sanctified cats and made temples and statues

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