Kitten Teacher – Tips and Advice

All Americans are head over heels with this furry, cute and lovable pet.  They’re everyone’s favorite pet in the U.S but I know many would think that dogs are man’s best friend, but cat lovers like me know better.  They look so adorable but don’t be deceived by their cut facade because these kitties can tear your furnitures in just seconds if they were not trained properly.  The best thing to do about that is, train your pet while they are still young.

Kitten Teacher - Tips and Advice
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We all know that there are no schools for cats, so it’s really up to your to train your kitten according to your house rules.  You should start early and don’t let your kitten develop nasty habits that will negatively affect you in the long run. An example of this is when your cute kitten joins you for dinner, they sure look harmless but the case would be different after a few more years and you’ll see your full-grown cat bothering you at dinner time. I know their cuteness is hard to resist but please do something about their bad behavior right away while you still have time.

Here are some tips in training your cats at home:

1. These whiskered pets love to move around and exercise. Buy them their own toys so as to keep them preoccupied and if not be ready to face the consequence of letting your kitten become restless and ruin your furnitures.  They should have variety of toys to chew or kick around. Don’t ever let your kitten play with any part of your body. I know they look so cute and hard to resist but this is for your own good. I don’t think you’ll still find it cute when your full-grown cat attacks you and nibbles your toes or fingers, thinking that those are toys. That would be very painful I’m telling you.

2. Your kitten is obviously not yet toilet trained, so introduce them to their sand box.  Teach them how to use their very own cat box.  You should consider the size of the litter box too. It should be spacious enough, so that your kitten could move around comfortably. But if you got your kitten from organizations like Humane Society or rescue groups, there’s a good chance that they’re already toilet trained. Just in case they are still new to the litter box, then introduce it to them. 

It has already been a pattern that cats use their litter box after taking a nap or eating.  Right after your kitten finishes her food, spend time and play with her for about 10-15 minutes near the litter box. Make her come inside the box by running your fingers through the litter. Your kitten gets intrigued with the texture and sooner or later she’ll go inside.  Once she is inside the sand box, talk to her using soft tones and make her feel comfortable. Continue talking to your pet in a gentle manner whether she does her business in the box or not. Don’t lose your temper and be patient because it will take some time to see good results.

3. Compared to older cats, the claws of your kittens are not really that sharp. She is not a danger to your furniture but not until she grows up and her claws grow too. Beforehand, teach them to use scratching post. It’s the only place they should sharpen their claws and not your furnitures. For instant result, you can put catnip all over the scratching post to get the attention of your kitten. Once you see your darling kitten use the scratching post, make sure to give her yummy treats and praise her. Feeding your kitten as reward for a job well done and praising her will encourage your pet to behave.  Never shout at your kitten or hit her. That’s not the best way to discipline your kitten inside the house.

Kittens are definitely cute, lovable and cuddly animals that everyone loves to spend their time with and through the years you’ll discover that your pet kitten have turned into a well-behaved and well-loved cat.

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