After his vegan partner advised him to get rid of his pet cat, a man sought help

After his vegan girlfriend suggested that he get rid of his pet cat, a man took to social media to seek relationship counsel.

The 22-year-old male, who goes by the moniker throwRA78wdhsg on Reddit, revealed to fellow Reddit users that he has been seeing his 21-year-old girlfriend for seven months.

His fiancee is “wonderful,” he says, and they’re “very compatible in a lot of ways.”

He has also switched to a plant-based diet during their relationship.

“My Girl Friend was pleased with my decision to go cruelty-free, and everything appeared to be in order. “On our college campus, we became known as ‘the vegan couple,'” he writes.

The couple is now considering living together after grown closer throughout the outbreak. But there’s one furry obstacle in their way: Mittens, the Redditor’s cat.

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“After a lot of discussing and planning, my Girl Friend sat me down and dropped a bombshell on me,” he says, adding, “she said that she didn’t see a future with me unless I was willing to give away Mittens with this next part of the relationship.” She believes that keeping a cat is unethical for vegans because they hunt mice and eat meat, and that possessing a pet is a breach of vegan beliefs in and of itself.”

“Stunned,” the boyfriend claims he tried to justify Mittens’ presence in their home by saying that he exclusively buys reputable brands of feline cat food, to which his girlfriend responded, “How much flesh does your cat eat?” How many animals perished in the process of producing all that food? “Would you mind if that was human flesh?”

“I would have liked her telling me about her cat opinions before we got serious,” he continues.

His girlfriend gave him a link to a website advocating the extermination of domestic cats after he stormed out, prompting the boyfriend to seek aid on social media.

“It goes without saying that I will not get rid of my cat,” the boyfriend says, adding, “However, it kills me to think that an otherwise lovely relationship could be ending because of a difference in belief.”

“I don’t get where my Girl Friend is coming from because, as I already stated, many vegans keep cats.” Granted, cat ownership is a touchy subject in vegan circles, and I would not have bought a cat if I had been vegan at the time, but I have Mittens now, and she needs to eat.”

The boyfriend closes his article by wondering, “Where do I even go from here?” after admitting that he is wary about vegan cat food. I’m not going to give up Mittens, and I don’t think my Girl Friend will either.”

“Dude, this isn’t a good relationship?” one hesitant commenter told the original poster. You’ve been dating for 7 months and you’ve entirely acclimated to her vegan lifestyle? Already discussing moving in together and her want for you to get rid of your cat? “It sounds like you and your partner are in a very controlling relationship.”

“From a vegan, dump her,” another commented. No one who genuinely cares about animal welfare would abandon a pet for no reason. Furthermore, anyone who cares about animal welfare knows that DIFFERENT ANIMALS HAVE DIFFERENT DIETARY REQUIREMENTS.”

“You are young and sound like a good man,” a third wrote. You’ll always be able to locate another female. Mittens will never be found again. The demands of the former are brutal, dominating, and out of limits.”

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